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Federal Firefighter Pay Programs


Comprehensive tool for creating Firefighter Pay Charts for DoD, VA, other Federal agencies and the 1000's of civilian Firefighters who protect vital installations across the nation and around the world.

This Excel® based program can be tailored to any Locality Pay Area in the United States and its territories. The program utilizes several standard Firefighter work schedules for both our Front-line and Administrative Firefighters.  It can also be used to estimate the pay of US civilian Firefighters working in foreign countries.

The Pay Program is updated yearly IAW OPM's General Schedule Pay Tables.  Though the program creates accurate pay charts, they are not to be considered official government documents.

Federal Benefits and Retirement Training 


The on-site training program covers all aspects of FERS, special category retirement benefits and TSP information.  The Group Presentation should last approximately 5 hours and covers a wide range of topics related to Federal Pay and Benefits.


Though the presentation is geared toward Special Category employees (such as Firefighters), the information covers all Federal workers.  We invite all team members from the organization to participate.


Training Topics:
- Definition of a Federal Firefighter

- Retirement Category

- Review of the LES & Pay Program

Basic Overview of Leave Programs

- Basic Overview of Insurance Programs

- Federal Retirement System

Individual Retirement Counseling 


One-on-one retirement counseling to analyze an individual's retirement income to include: FERS Basic Annuity, Special Supplement / Social Security and TSP savings.


Individual sessions can be conducted in person as part of the group training program, or on-line via Zoom, Teams, Skype or FB Messenger.  With this online service, you can receive the retirement training from the comfort of your home.  This allows your spouse to join in and ask questions if desired.


The counseling session can range from a basic estimate of your federal retirement to an in-depth analysis of your total retirement income and expenses.  The personalized retirement estimates' accuracy may vary significantly depending on length of time until retirement.

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